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24.03.19 Änderung des Gottesdienstplanes

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Orthodoxie in Freiburg
 Eparchy of Berlin and Germany

Monday, 24th May 2010, day of the Holy Spirit, the day of the Berlins diocese of Moscow Patriarchat took place in Dortmund. Chaplains and members of the communities came together to feel again the unity by the Holy goblet, to experience an even deeper conjunction to their mother church, to listen to the archbishops foreword and to discuss about latest questions concerning the every day ecclesiastical life in workgroups.

The spokespersons of our parish were distributed into four groups representing various themes: archpriest Michael and Irina Zubarev — History and Life of the church; Gioacchino and Helena Orecchia — Family and marriage, education of children (leaded by Archpriest Georgi Antonjuk); Galina and Sophia — Meeting the orthodox youth; Matuschka Irina — Church choir.

You can find the photos here.

You can find the PowerPoint-Presentation of the archpriest Michael Dronov (russian) of the thematically groups session (History and Life of the Church) here.
The additional stuff (russian) is here.




.    Hl. Nikolaus Gemeinde
(Peterhof-Kapelle, Freiburg im Breisgau)


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Eparchy of Berlin and Germany
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